Digestive Health

Maintaining Normal Digestive Health Drives Future Performance

After the calf is born and throughout its life, a healthy GI tract is the core for driving digestion, growth, maintaining normal health, and supporting the immune system.  

In recent studies at Cornell, Dr. Mike Van Amburgh and his team found that this is particularly important in pre-weaned calves.  In researching pre-weaning nutrition and health on lifetime productivity in 1,244 heifers in the Cornell herd they found that pre-weaning ADG and avoiding antibiotics/immune stressors had a lifetime milk effect (three lactations) of over 6000 pounds of milk, depending on pre-weaning growth rates. 

This is just a small indicator why it is important to invest in the health and wellness of our young stock.

Maintaining Normal Digestive Health With Nutraceuticals & Eubiotics

While there are times that antibiotic use is necessary and further regulation changes are here, more and more producers are looking at natural approaches that can help maintain normal.

Nutraceuticals and eubiotics, a class of ingredients classified by the feed industry that contains probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids and essential oils, are being used to support a healthy digestive system.

By incorporating these into diets starting early and throughout their life, can help raise healthy, fast growing young stock and high producing adults.

How Can DBC Ag Products Help Digestive Health?

Here is a list of eubiotics and other novel ingredients that have been successfully used to raise healthy, fast-growing calves.

Probiotics – Supports the natural microbiome in the gut and helps support the immune system.

Prebiotics – Like FOS and MOS, provide a food source for normal gut bacteria to support their growth and well-being.

Specialized Whey Proteins – Derived from colostrum and dairy cows these bioactive ingredients have been found to support digestive health, the immune system and help raise fast growing animals

Organic Acids – Support the normal mucous lining of the digestive tract.

Essential Oils – In addition to flavoring, they help support a healthy gut

Egg Protein – Supports nutrition and health

Enzymes – Defined enzymes support proper digestion

Yeast Products – Support proper digestion and a source of selenium

No matter what species of livestock or poultry, these ingredients can help raise healthy, fast-growing animals that help you meet your goals for productivity and performance.

What DBC Ag Products® Supplements Support Digestive Health?

The DBC Ag Products Supplements on this page, including First Arrival w/Encrypt Powder, contain many of the ingredients to help maintain normal digestive health, proper digestion, support a healthy immune system and result in fast growing young animals.