Chlorine Dioxide

Ensuring A Fresh, Healthy, Clean Water Source A Key To Healthy, Happy Birds

When raising backyard chickens, geese, ducks, pheasants, guineas, pigeons or any domestic poultry or waterfowl, making sure the water you supply them is clean and free of pathogens, parasites or protozoa is step one to healthy living.

Especially if your water source is a creek, pond, slough or well that is non-potable.  Those water sources can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites and protozoa that could infect your flock and cause major health issues.

Even if your water source is a public water source or well that is potable, sanitizing water and equipment helps to reduce biofilm (bacteria and metabolites) and eliminate pathogens that may have entered the waterer from your birds drinking or contaminating the tray.

Why Is Chlorine Dioxide An Excellent Choice For Sanitizing Poultry Water and Waterers?

Chlorine dioxide is used frequently in water treatment as a disinfectant, an oxidant and to eliminate viruses, bacteria, protozoa’s and other microbes to prevent diseases that can infect through water.

Key characteristics:

  • Safe and effective at low concentrations
  • Non-corrosive at recommended usage rates
  • Dissipates from air and water fairly quickly
  • Works even when organisms are inactive
  • Gets rid of biofilm and surface germs that build up in waterers, water lines and storage tanks
  • One of the only disinfectants that eliminate Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites

DBC Ag Products Oxy E-100 Is Safe And Effective For Sanitizing Poultry Water

Oxy E-100 contains chlorine dioxide and when added to every gallon of poultry water provided to your flock will sanitize water, remove nasty biofilm and sanitize watering equipment to provide a safe, healthy, clean water source for your flock.

Available individually or in our Backyard Chicken Backyard Chicken® Health Pack. Oxy E-100