Digestive Enzymes Support Proper Digestion In Livestock and Poultry

Digestive enzymes are an important part of both human and livestock digestive system processes that provide the fuel needed to live.  The feed animals eat daily is not utilized directly and must be broken down into the nutrients that are absorbed.  Enzymes are a key part of the multitude of metabolic processes that occur to provide nutrition your cattle, sheep, goat, poultry and waterfowl.

What Enzymes Are Important For Livestock, Poultry And Waterfowl?

Here are just a few key enzymes and what they are targeted to act upon in the digestive tract.

Protease – act on protein to separate out the individual amino acids

Amylase – targets starches for proper digestion and supports ruminal microbial yield and efficiency

Cellulase – works on digesting normally hard to digest cellulose fibers in the GI tract

In addition, hemicellulase, lipase, beta-glucanase, phytase and pectinase also work on other complex carbohydrates to help ensure proper digestion and support digestive health.

Selecting The Right Enzyme Products

However, not all enzymes are alike.  DBC Ag Products utilize high-quality “defined” enzyme extracts that deliver the scientifically formulated amount of each enzyme to ensure your cattle, sheep, goat, poultry and waterfowl is getting the precise enzyme supplementation to optimize performance.

Unlike a “crude” enzyme approach where the enzyme levels are not guaranteed and require the source organism (like Aspergillus oryzae) to produce the enzyme in the animal, you can rest assured that our supplements with enzymes contain the guaranteed amounts listed in the Guaranteed Analysis right on our label.

Choose DBC Ag Products Brands For Your Animal’s Digestive Enzyme Support

The DBC Ag Products items on this page contain digestive enzymes that can help provide the enzyme profile your animals digestion system needs to perform its best.