Immune Support

Building A Healthy Immune System Starts From Within

The immune system is an amazing, complex and yet efficient system that works 24/7 to make sure animals live a healthy, wholesome life.  Every day the animals we care for and ourselves as well, require a healthy, functional immune system to protect us.

While it is complex an animal’s immune system has three main areas that can influence its ability to do the job effectively.

  1. Age – the young stock, chick, poult, duckling and gosling immune system still developing
  2. Stress – weather, handling, transportation, exposure to other animals
  3. Nutrition – receiving the proper diet & supplementation to fuel a healthy immune response

While we can’t control an animals age nor the weather, we can help manage our livestock each day to minimize the impact of stressors during their daily activities.  Maintaining a normal routine regarding feeding, handling, milking, etc., are important for reducing stress in your animal’s life.

Nutrition that is delivered in your dairy, beef, sheep, goat, and poultry diet is a critical factor in helping maintain a healthy, functioning immune system.  Proper feed normally provides the base needs for most livestock.  However, there are times when their normal diet may not provide what the immune system needs to perform its best.

DBC Ag Products® offers multiple products that can provide the following ingredients known to support a healthy immune system, including during times where environmental stress is high or their diet is lacking.

Antioxidants – including Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B Vitamins and selenium

Vitamin D – important for supporting immune response

Probiotics – nourishes a healthy gut microbiome and supports the immune system

Prebiotics – MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) help support a healthy microbiome in the gut

Enzymes – support proper digestion and gut health

Specialized Whey Proteins – Derived from colostrum and dairy cows these bioactive ingredients have been found to support digestive health, the immune system and help raise fast growing animals

Fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, & E support multiple body systems.  Vitamin D is important for immune activation

Egg Protein – supports nutrition and health

Which DBC Ag Products Support A Healthy Immune System

The DBC Ag Products items on this page contain many of the above ingredients that can help provide the immune support your livestock needs for their immune system to perform its best.