Essential Oils

Essential Oils Have A Place In Raising Healthy Productive Livestock And Poultry

Over the last decade more and more research has been conducted showing how essential oils can contribute to the ability of livestock and poultry producers to raise fast growing, productive animals.

Essential oils when added to water or feed, help stimulate appetite and water intake to support healthy growth in animals.  Especially during stressful times like weather changes, shipping/transportation or other stressful times, including disease outbreaks.

Which DBC Ag Products® Supplements Contain Essential Oils?

The following DBC Ag Products items on this page contain essential oils to help livestock and poultry producers raise healthy, productive animals.

First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Calf Powder

First Arrival w/Encrypt Calf Paste

First Arrival w/Encrypt Lamb & Kid Paste

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Calf Paste

Backyard Chicken® Health Pack

Zyfend® A