Water Sanitation & Environment

Sanitize Your Flocks Water To Ensure A Clean Water Supply

It is critical to provide a safe, clean, healthy water source for your poultry and ensure the watering system is clean and free of biofilm buildup.

If you pull water from a non-potable source, you may be introducing bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other organisms into your flock.

Here are a few tips for providing fresh clean water for your flock:

  1. Fresh, clean water should constantly be available for your flock, including chicks and especially ducks.
  2. It is recommended to change water every 24-48 hours, especially during the hot summer months.
  3. Size your waterer appropriate to the size of birds using it.  Chicks require small waterers to help avoid climbing in and getting wet, which can lead to chilling that lowers their body temperatures to unsafe levels.
  4. Keep waterers clean and us a water sanitizer, like Oxy E-100, to help reduce the spread of pathogens and parasites.
  5. Use a water sanitizer that will also break down the biofilm (typically bacteria & their metabolites) that builds up in waterers to prevent that growth.

Which DBC Ag Products Sanitizes Your Flocks Water

Oxy E-100 is formulated to sanitize your water to prevent pathogen and parasite exposure to your flock, reduce spread of pathogens and break down the biofilm that builds up in watering systems over time.