Colostrum Derived Bioactives Deliver Rapid Immune Support

Colostrum contains proteins, fats and a lot of bioactive compounds like immunoglobulins, growth factors, lysozymes, lactoferrin, lactoperixoidase and leukocytes that are produced to provide immune support to the newborn calf, lamb, kid or foal. While managing colostrum to incorporate into digestive health and immune support products, it was found that specific filtrates of concentrated bioactives were very beneficial in providing rapid support to young stock and older animals immune systems

ImmWave Supports A Healthy, Functioning Immune System In Livestock

ImmWave is a key component containing those concentrated bioactives that when combined with the other eubiotic ingredients in the formula provides dairy and beef producers the fast response they need when young calves need it.

Especially important for use in newborns that may not have access to high quality colostrum and/or experience a failure of passive transfer

DBC Ag Products® supplements with ImmWave

The following DBC Ag Products items on this page contain ImmWave for rapid support benefits in dairy and beef calves.

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® For Dairy

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® For Beef

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Lamb & Kid Paste