Organic Acids

Organic Acids Play A Positive Role In Supporting Gut Health

Organic acids are prevalent in our environment, including microbial, plant and animal source.  They are also produced by various fungi, yeast and bacteria.

They all have various activity levels in the gut, including adjusting pH, support gut health, help maintain the normal mucous lining of the GI tract, aid in proper digestion through enzymatic activity and proper nutrient utilization.

What Organic Acids Are Used In Livestock And Poultry

There are numerous organic acids that are commonly used in animal production and include:

Formic Acid                         Sorbic Acid

Propionic Acid                   Humic Acid

Acetic Acid                          Lactic Acid

Citric Acid                            Benzoic Acid

Butyric Acid                        Fulvic Acid

The primary goal of incorporating organic acids is to help maintain normal gut health and support proper digestion to deliver fast, efficient, healthy growth in production livestock and poultry.

DBC Ag Products® Utilizes Encrypt® As A Key Component To Maintaining Normal GI Health

Encrypt is our trademarked ingredient blend consisting of plant derived soluble and insoluble fibers that contain various organic acids that help support the mucous lining of the GI tract that is key to maintaining a healthy microbiome and normal digestive health to help raise healthy, fast-growing animals.

The following DBC Ag Products items contain Encrypt, to help maintain the normal mucous lining of the digestive tract and support gut health.

First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Calf Powder

First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Calf Paste

First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Lamb & Kid Paste

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Calf Paste

Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Lamb & Kid Paste