Forage Inoculants

DBC Ag Products also offers high quality forage inoculants designed to provide maximum feedstuff protection.

Our forage inoculants incorporate micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing bacteria and purified enzymes to provide your customers with one of the most advanced, potent forage inoculants available on the market today.

In addition, we have expanded our line of forage inoculants to offer your organic certified customers an OMRI-Listed Soluble Forage Inoculant.

Available formulations:

  • Dry
  • Water-Soluble

Available in the following formulas and package sizes to fit any operation:

Forage Inoculant 50 – Dry 50 lb bag
Forage Inoculant 50 – Water Soluble 8 oz pouch
Forage Inoculant 100 – Water Soluble 1 lb pouch
Forage Inoculant 250 – Water Soluble 2.5 lb pail

Our OMRI Listed forage inoculants are also available in the following package sizes:

OMRI Listed Soluble Forage Inoculant 50 8 oz pouch
OMRI Listed Soluble Forage Inoculant 100 16 oz pouch