Nutri-Core® Poultry Line

Our Nutri-Core poultry line is being used successfully to improve the health and performance of several million layers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions of the country.

In addition, Nutri-Core products are all-natural and are being used by satisfied customers in their free-range, natural and organic production systems.  Contact us directly to find out more information on how Nutri-Core products can fit into your organic production program.

The Nutri-Core line of poultry products are a direct result of a strategic partnership with Heritage Poultry Management Services, Annville, PA, with the continuing goal of researching and developing innovative approaches to solving poultry productions major challenges.

Advantage Lacto-50

Nutri-Core Advantage Lacto-50 is an all-natural, water-soluble blend of micro-encapsulated direct fed microbials and targeted egg proteins designed to fortify the digestive tract and improve intestinal health.  The innovative formula contains host specific, pH stable, bile salt tolerant bacteria that are compatible with antibiotics and are micro-encapsulated to protect them from stomach acid and bile.

Combined with targeted egg proteins, Advantage Lacto-50 is an excellent choice for high stress periods such as periods of high heat, at vaccination time and during de-beaking. Advantage Lacto-50 can be administered in the water or metered through proportioners.  This product may also be used for direct spraying of chicks at the hatchery to aid in boosting chick health.

Egg Formula One 2X

Nutri-Core Egg Formula One 2X was designed by an international group of scientists, veterinarians, poultry nutritionists and microbiologists as an aid to improve overall layer performance by optimizing intestinal health, get more nutrients out of every pound of feed fed.

All-natural Egg Formula One-2X contains a broad-based targeted enzyme package, micro‑encapsulated beneficial bacteria and micro-silica specifically formulated to help meet the needs of high-producing laying hens.

Health Tract-P with Encrypt®

Health Tract-P contains Encrypt, our exclusive trademarked carbon source, and is recommended for use in layers and pullets during times of stress.  Encrypt is a unique combination of a wood vinegar extract and soft carbon powder that aids in inhibiting growth of pathogens and absorbing toxins.

Use Health Tract-P with Encrypt to help avoid profit-robbing digestive upset caused by opportunistic pathogens during stressful situations, including newly housed birds.

Lacto Mix 2X

Specially blended combination of direct fed microbials tailored to accelerate colonization of the intestinal tract with beneficial lactic-acid producing bacteria.  The micro-encapsulated bacteria in Lacto Mix (2X) aid in optimizing intestinal health and help minimize the impacts of pathogenic organisms that can cause disease.

Use Lacto Mix (2X) feed supplement in poultry feeds to help improve overall bird performance and offset environmental stressors that can rob profitability.

Shell Color Aid

Brown egg producing breeds are being used more frequently in the production of free range, natural or organic eggs.  Shell Color Aid is an all-natural, novel approach to supplementing laying hen diets to aid in improving brown egg coloration in pullets and laying hens.  Typically brown egg coloration may decrease due to flock age, stressors such as high stocking density, handling or loud noise as well as certain diseases and their treatments.

Use Shell Color Aid to help offset brown egg shell color reduction and help maximize return on brown egg profitability.

Super Pro 2X

All-natural Nutri-Core Super Pro 2X feed supplement is a proprietary blend of targeted egg proteins and micro-encapsulated lactic-acid producing bacteria for use in poultry diets as an aid in improving intestinal health and to help avoid the impacts of digestive pathogens.

Use Super Pro-2X in all poultry feeds to better enable birds to fight the pathogens that can rob profits due to increased morbidity and mortality.

Feather Fresh ES

Feather Fresh ES is an all-natural feed supplement designed to provide a ready source of Yucca Shidigera for use in poultry diets to minimize the harmful effects of ammonia on birds, buildings and equipment.

University studies have shown yucca shidigera, when added to poultry diets and coupled with sound manure management can significantly reduce the amount of ammonia in poultry barns.  As little as a 10 ppm increase in ammonia can reduce egg production by 1.5 eggs/hen/year and decrease overall performance.

Use highly concentrated Feather Fresh ES to aid in avoiding the impacts high ammonia levels can have in your operation.

*Nutri-Core is a registered trademark of Daniel Baum Co Inc, dba DBC Ag Products