First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Newborn Calf Powder

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Beginning at the second or third feeding (when switching from colostrum to milk), add to milk or milk replacer 2 times per day, morning and night, and feed for 14 days.  May be fed longer if additional support is desired.

Feeding protocol: 

First 2 days = Feed at a rate of 10 grams/calf per feeding (morning and night)

Next 12 days = Feed at a rate of 5 grams/calf per feeding (morning and night)

For best results, mix in milk or milk replacer between 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit and feed to calves at about 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  May be used in automatic calf feeders.

Dark brown-gray color granular product that goes into suspension in milk or milk replacer.  Some settling of contents may occur in the pail or bottle.  This is normal and accounted for in the feeding rate.  For best mixing results, mix at recommended temperatures and agitate prior to feeding.

At recommended feeding rates, each calf will receive 160 grams of First Arrival powder over the 14 day feeding period

Available in the following sizes to fit your operation size:

  • 800 gm pouch (5 calves)
  • 4,000 gm pail (25 calves)
  • 8,000 gm pail (50 calves)
  • 45# pail (125 calves)

8,000 gm and 45# sizes have both English and Spanish labeling

800 gm, 4000 gm and 8000 gm sizes contain a 5 gm scoop for easy measuring

45# box contains a 5 gm scoop and a 16 oz scoop (delivers 30, 10 gm feedings and 60, 5 gm feedings)

Great for dairy replacement heifers, dairy beef calves on milk and veal operations.

Additional Information: