Other Innovative Products

nutricalfNutriCalf™ Supplement

NutriCalf Supplement is designed to deliver highly digestible energy during the calf’s first day of life and is an excellent addition to all qualities of colostrum.  Utilizing targeted egg protein technology and micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria combined with important nutrients, NutriCalf helps get calves off to a healthy start.

In addition, NutriCalf contains no bovine or serum IgG’s, offering an excellent alternative for those looking for other options to fortify colostrum and boost calf health.  NutriCalf is also recommended for use after transport of young calves to combat the effects of stress and potential exposure to new pathogens.


MicroDirect is a multi-functional, micro-encapsulated microbial and enzyme additive formulated to aid in the digestion of certain fibers, proteins and specific starches found in soy and corn diets.  This proprietary, innovative formula is designed for lactating and dry cows to help improve performance and optimize intestinal health across a wide variety of diets, feeding situations and environments.

frontal_assaultFrontal Assault

A Frontal Assault™ is a proprietary combination of micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing bacteria, live yeast, a focused enzyme package and targeted egg proteins designed to help maintain health and performance during times of increased susceptibility to disease and stressful times.  Frontal Assault is recommended to be given to all incoming cattle during transition periods (stocker, dairy heifer, dairy beef, feedlot, etc.), those being pulled for disease treatment and cattle that may be off feed due to stress.

biodBio D®

Bio D is an innovative naturally fermented form of Vitamin D3 that bypasses the liver and is readily available in its active form shortly after being ingested.  This provides a more direct and available source of Vitamin D3 in the blood serum.  The increased bio-availability of Bio D also improves bone metabolism, productivity and overall health.  Because Bio D bypasses the liver, it is not affected by hepatic disorders common in poultry, meaning that the active metabolites created in the kidneys are available to the bird very soon after ingestion.

vita_directVita Direct Liquid

Vita Direct is an oral, micronized, bio-available vitamin that is designed to stimulate the immune system.  Its small particle size allows the vitamins to be absorbed through the lymphatic system, directly into the blood stream.  This improved absorption quality makes nutrients available as early as 20 minutes after dosing.  Use immediately after birth and during periods of stress, like vaccination and transportation.