Welcome to the new DBC Ag Products website!

Our new site offers numerous upgrades that improves usability and expands the following functions for you:

  1. Simpler navigation with easy access to educational information that can help you raise healthy, fast-growing, productive livestock and poultry.
  2. Brand new Where To Buy locator allowing you to enter your address or view the map to locate local dealers, veterinarians, tack shops and pet stores who stock at least one product and can easily order for you. Just ask them for our products.
  3. More expansive product information, including Product Detail Sheets that you can review and download.
  4. Easier pathways to explore products, categories and ingredients via our main menu and search, while listing on each of those pages Related Products for you to look up.
  5. A new Testimonials page where fellow livestock & poultry raisers share their successes with our products.

Please explore our site and utilize our Contact Us page to share your comments/feedback, reviews of our products or questions you may have that we can follow up with you on.

Thank you for visiting our new website and we look forward to helping you raise healthy, fast-growing, productive livestock and poultry.

David Mathes

Director, Sales & Marketing

DBC Ag Products

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